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Odesa offers a wide range of commercial window cleaning services, across the whole of Greater London at extremely competitive prices. We work to the highest standards, with windows from small to large in size and as often as you need it.

Increasingly, glass is being used as a prominent design feature in modern buildings, requiring regular and thorough cleaning in order to maintain a professional appearance. Odesa utilises a range of methods to cater for all building types regardless of accessibility issues. All of our operatives have full insurance, extensive training and awareness of Health & Safety regulations.

Odesa utilises a wide range of window cleaning methods depending on building size and type, and we are not restricted by accessibility issues. We can clean easily-reached windows using the traditional ladder method, or we can use a water-fed pole system for those hard-to-reach windows.

The water-fed pole system is a ladder less system with many benefits. It uses virtually 100% pure water pumped through carbon fibre telescopic poles that forces out dirt using pressure rather than chemicals or detergents. You can save time (normally wasted climbing up and down ladders) and you can save money (normally spent on lifting equipment).

Tap water contains mineral deposits, pollution, calcium and chemicals. The 100% laboratory graded water we use in our pole system has had these elements removed by reverse osmosis and is almost entirely pure. Due to its purity, it also doesn’t leave the scum marks or spots normally left by soapy detergents. The pole system generates no Health and Safety risks in any way, making it the safest and most cost effective method of cleaning, with excellent results.

Our window cleaning teams work quickly and efficiently, providing one of the most proficient window cleaning services available in London. We carry out our work adhering carefully to industry standard safety procedures. Our fully-trained cleaning staff provide the same top quality service, whether working carefully at high level or at low level.

Contact us now and take a fresh outlook thorough sparkling clean windows!


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Tania Costa
Tania Costa
11:29 04 Sep 17
Couldn't recommend anyone better to do a fantastic job! Odesa are very professional and have very high cleaning standards. Thank you for your continued excellent service.
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